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Real Aligned Women

Mar 28, 2019

Episode 20: REAL SOBER Talk with Courtney & Lori

In this episode, the ladies discuss what their mission is for RAW and have an open discussion about Sobriety! They get real about their sober journey and how they feel about this topic.

Some of you may wonder what exactly are they talking about when they say RAW?? The RAW...

Mar 21, 2019

Episode 19: Resurrection from Trauma and Addiction with Jen Elizabeth

Jen Elizabeth is a 42 year old devoted wife and mother to two amazing children. She has dedicated her second chance at life to addiction recovery and healing from childhood traumas.

She shares her story, the wreckage and the reckoning, as a way to...

Mar 14, 2019

Episode 18:

Postpartum and Me with Sara Kwiatkowski

Sara is a Mom of two boys, wife, sister and motherless daughter.

Postpartum Anxiety and Depression Survivor. Proponent of ending the stigma on mental health and healing with a combination of therapy, exercise and nutrition. Real life mom over forty who loves to read,...

Mar 7, 2019

Episode 17:

Emotional Eating Part Two with Courtney and Lori!


The ladies continue to talk about Emotional Eating in this two part series.

Major component of emotional eating is STRESS! Both gals believe this is the one that can trigger that rabbit hole of eating your feelings.  Are you a type of person when stressed,...