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Real Aligned Women

Aug 29, 2019

Episode 40: To Drink or Not: Non-Alcoholic Beverages!

In this episode that is number 4o the ladies discuss drinking and not drinking Mocktails, Non-Alcoholic Beers, Wines, and champagnes.


The ladies discuss if these drinks were triggering for them and if they thought it was ok to drink them. Lori has her take on...

Aug 22, 2019

Episode 39: Living Her Best Life Sober AF with Sarah Ordo


Sarah Ordo is not your typical millennial girl just craving to make moves and leave her mark on the world! She is a bit of a do-it-all kind of girl and seriously does ALL the things. Sarah is an entrepreneur and the owner of 24Luxe Hair & Makeup here...

Aug 15, 2019

Episode 38: Celebrate Sobriety, Happy Sober Birthdays to us!

In this episode, the ladies chat about their Soberversaries!

8/11 and 8/18 are the favorite days of the year, and these are the days the ladies stopped the cycle of addiction and started living free from the chaos and the lives they were meant to live.

Tune in...

Aug 8, 2019

Episode 37:  Surrendering to drugs and alcohol with Julie Kennedy

My name is Julie, and I am an alcoholic. I have the disease of “more” If it gets me out of the way I'm feeling, even just for a moment, I continue to do it, regardless of the consequences. 
I have what’s called co-occurring disorders. Meaning I also...

Aug 1, 2019

Episode 36: Sugar Cravings in Recovery

Warning, Warning this episode may have you craving sweet treats!

In this episode, the ladies talk about Sugar Cravings in Recovery. 

The ladies discuss the science behind WHY you crave sugar and also what they did with their cravings.  

Both ladies agree that they did whatever it...